Simon <strong>TOWNSEND</strong>


Manufacturing & Projects Director

A Brilliant Architect and a Magnificent ‘Message-smith’, are but hopes -without the skill of the master builder – that is The Message

  • Accomplished Industry Specialist in Build Solutions
  • Global client implementation and delivery
  • Passionate Innovator of socially aware solutions
  • Proven business credentials in project management and manufacture
  • Champion of Innovative technologies for spatial messaging

Simons first and true career love was that of event and exhibition engineering and build. From first principles through to highly demanding structural requirements, the apprentice was soon to become the sorcerer.

Traveling the globe to build and project manage has been in Simons repertoire for many years now. The exacting science of faithful recreation of design to reality, being the minimum standard ever allowed of himself.

Simon went on to establish his own successful spatial manufacturing and solution delivery business, always following his belief that his great work could be measured by the expression and noise of his solutions – yet the almost invisibility of his behind the scenes team and business.

Always searching to better the solution led Simon to many varied and unusual disciplines – where technology, materials science and even psychology provided new sources of innovation and new possibilities in build.

Simons journey now continues through The Message, where his own exacting standards have finally been matched and tested by both the creative challenge and the client messaging demands generated from his co partners.

The essence of Simons role is to make the concept a reality and deliver what was once merely a clever graphic and an abstract thought – to be a fully functioning activation of the client’s spatial message, as Simon puts it “making it real”

Simons passion when not creating reality, is helping others improve their own reality – with a keen involvement in community both local and ancestral – extending to charitable work and building of better homes within the community.