Marco <strong>LUVAGLIA-GORI</strong>


Design Director

Creative excellence is just the beginning, that with strategy and form will deliver the clients compelling spatial Message

  • Award winning commercial design client solutions
  • Innovation and design implemented by the world’s largest companies
  • Creator of Seamless messaging via multi-channel solutions
  • Interpretation and translation of client behaviour triggers for spatial design
  • Passionate to deliver greater efficacy in three-dimensional messaging

A graduate of design, Marcos first years were at the coal face of Brand and Retail design leading into both Retail display and stand design – working up a most varied and accomplished portfolio of techniques, solutions and comprehension of what makes a space work, and what creative delivers commercial success and behavioural responses for any retail or exhibition space

Finding simply structure design to be too limiting, Marco explored the relationship and synergies of combining structural messaging with that of content and graphic design. This journey took Marco to be a founder of a design studio, as Head of Creative. From this broader platform of multi channel creative Marco’s work has assisted many of the worlds leading consumer brands to improve their own customer message and aesthetic approach to activating their own brand or product DNA and of course telling their story.

Now after many awards, accolades, and major projects, Marco has come back to his spiritual roots of spatial message design focus, but now incorporating multi-channel platforms within the one solution. Providing a level of insight and design creativity for our clients that often is the embodiment of their business DNA, but expressed to new and exciting levels never seen before.

Working in unison with  marketing & sales client strategies, and The Message approach to spatial engineering – creativity becomes the expression of the client’s own story, but one that can be viewed, touched, journeyed through and even absorbed into.

Marco’s down time is his family, high level martial arts, road cycling and snowboarding but his professional wisdom and knowledge have more recently been shared as a mentor to  individuals in the next generation of commercial designers and he is a design consultant to a non-profit community organisation