Kevin <strong>HIGGS</strong>


Client Solutions Director

Authentic Leadership and Innovation for your sales & marketing Spatial Messaging

  • A successful and Proven Sales and Marketing Expert
  • Worked with and advised many Global Top 100 Brands
  • Generated revenues and market share for both B2B and B2C markets
  • International work experience with Far East, USA and EU
  • Passionate about Innovation and Market Disruption

An early career in manufacturing led rapidly to identify with brand and license IP as an excellent way to secure market position and market growth.

Kevin’s love of brand and business USP’s inevitably led to focus upon brand and marketing communications and the magical world of customer and consumer behaviour. As a principle partner of a Retail Brand marketing agency Kevin has delivered innovation and solutions to a premier portfolio of international market leaders – Microsoft, Samsung, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Sony, Chanel, P&G, UniLever , Tesco, Asda WalMart, John Lewis, EE, Dr Martens, Heineken, and many more.

Working with such exacting marketing and sales professionals simply feeds into even stronger experience based knowledge and constantly builds abilities and insight – that is applied to the benefit of every client of The Message.

When not employing his analytical business and marketing mind, Kevin enjoys the on going and ever expanding journeys of his four children.  Using both cycling and golf to allow periods of creative downtime, that often generate new solutions for his clients challenges. Extensive traveling of the globe continues to expand his own horizons and understanding of humanity.